My Blog and I

If you talked with me less than a month ago and asked me whether I was ever planning to start up a blog, my answer would have been a poisonous look and a harsh “No!”

My birth date is in the latter quarter of the twentieth century, which places me with the young and modern generation.  My friends, to the last one, are Facebookaholics; my brother follows Twitter feeds like they were his diet plan; my boyfriend buys gadgets like a young boy gone wild in a toy store, smart phone, iPod, iPad – you name it, he wants it all.

I only found out that “smart phone” is the right umbrella-term for all the flashy new mobile phones and not “iPhone” late last September when my exasperated colleague sat me down and patiently explained how stupid I was sounding when I mixed up the two.

I hate modern means of technology on principle.  I love to meet with my friends, to sit, sip wine and talk.  Drink and Gossip are my favourite pastimes. One cannot do that while sitting alone at home facing a computer screen and forcing Fingers to catch up with Brain while Tongue begs to be used. Misunderstandings occur at the push of a button because no matter how many smileys you insert in that phrase, the tone of your voice is never translated well in plain hurried text, while your friend is nudging you to hurry up and answer.  So I shy away from virtual chatting the same way I stay away from a stuffy meeting room full of people suffering from the flu.

So why have I started this blog.

I want to become a writer you see.  This notion dawned on me about two years back.  Before that, I had always enjoyed writing but I restricted my creativity to my two younger brothers’ English homework and my own A-level essays.  When school was over for all three of us, I suddenly found myself with sudden ideas that would give me spasms of excitement and then a depression slide when I realised I no longer had a vent.

But one day it all changed.

One night I had this intense dream while I was sleeping — I have to specify that I was sleeping here since my days are a trail of one day dream after another.  My sleeping dreams, and nightmares, have always been extremely graphic, yet this one was particular.  The emotions and feelings I felt in the three seconds it took the connected images to flash past my mind kept coming back to me the following morning while I was at work.  Afraid of the ephemerality of dreams I quickly started writing down what I saw and felt.

With every word I wrote, I embellished and added ideas and the story poured out of me like it had always been there waiting to be written.  As days passed I started to look forward to the time I would sit at my desk and lose myself in the new world I was creating.  It took me months to finally admit to myself that I was, in fact, writing a novel.  This project came to be called Paths, a Women’s Fiction manuscript which is currently hopping from one Publisher’s desk to the other.  I have written more since then.  Blood Orange, my second novel, is at editing stage.  My proof reader, my boyfriend, and my editor, one of my best friends, are testing their patience reserves and working hard with me to turn this Romance into a polished draft which will soon follow Paths in the Publisher rounds.   

Back to my original point; why this blog?

I love writing, and in the two years I have been struggling to call myself an actual writer I have accumulated several fictional, and non-fictional, work that has not yet seen the light of day.  And I want to share this work.  While writing, I hate thinking that I am penning down a story just for me and myself.  We make a lonely couple.  So here, I will be placing all the stories I feel should be shared.  All my attempts at being funny, my efforts at creating fear, my experiments in different genres, will all be posted here for the virtual world to read.  With this means of modern communication I will be creating my world of words. At least now I will have an excuse for forgetting my head in the clouds half the time as my brain is busy drafting story openings and juggling between happy and tragic endings for all the characters I have created in my head.

So if anyone out there is reading this, bear with me.  You will be seeing much more of me.

I realise now that I haven’t actually answered the question asked of me by Daily Prompt; All About Me; My Blog Title and What it means to me. 

Oh, well, that is quite a mundane, silly story.  My name is Sandra and I wanted a blog name with an alleteration in it; easier to remember.  And since I am basically scribbling whatever comes to mind here, I thought, why not? So Sandra’s Scribbles it is.  See, I told you it’s boring!

2 comments on “My Blog and I

  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  2. You could certainly see your skills within the article you write.
    The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe.
    Always follow your heart.

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