Nightmare before Christmas

Step aside from the Christmas spirit for a moment or two and have a stroll along the dark side.  Rotten, a flash fiction story I submittedanthology1coversmall_200x320 under Darker Times Fiction magazine monthly competition has placed as Runner Up.  Bwahhhaahhhaaahhhaaa!!!

Allow your skin to crawl and eyes to water as they follow the chilling yarns quilled by the gifted wordsmiths in this month’s horrific compilation.

For more nightmare-inducing stories Darker Times Anthology Volume One is available from Amazon in both paperback and eBook editions, including Lime Light, my own dark, dark tale.


Cathy clutched the kitchen knife tightly in her hand and flicked the drapes lightly with the other.  There were a few of them roaming around in the street but none were wandering on her lawn at that moment. Read more…

Lime Light

“I’m lonely, so very lonely.  No one cares whether I live or die. My house is silent and dark. No visitors ever come and I have no one to visit.”

I sat back and looked at the note.  I read it twice over but I didn’t like a single word.  I deleted everything.  Why was this so hard? Read more…

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