Dog Eat Chicken

Knowing which story to post under this week’s Trifecta writing challenge was a real toss-up.  I went with the fictional story; Anticipation, but I couldn’t help but post this one as well.  This is a non-fiction piece, unfortunately. I have already introduced my dogs, so this is just another episode in my daily diary.

“LILLY!” My shout goes unheeded, again.

“Tina!” I stomp my foot, like that’s going to make any difference.

“Rambo get off me!” The dreaded humping days have begun.  I kick and a dog is detached from my foot where his exercise is well underway and flies three feet across the yard.

“Lilly, get over here!” Nothing.

I try the Ceaser tactic, point my finger and “Tsh. Tsh. Tsh. Tssshit! Damn Dogs!” I ignore the fact that all the neighbours, and their kids, can hear my cussing.

I press my eyes together and draw in a deep breath, grab the treat-jar from its shelf and shake.  The noise of biscuits hitting the plastic reverberated through the garage.

Ears prop and legs propel in motion.

Three dogs sit in front of me like the three little cherubs they almost never are.

One long chicken strip is issued from the jar and a heavy, meaty smell wafts through the yard.  Three tails wag, unearthing dust I haven’t swept in days.  Six eyes widen and follow the strip that stinks.  The strip is thorn in three equal pieces and three tails freeze.  Three bodies shudder, the anticipation is palpable.

“Slow Lilly, slow.” The knowledge that the chicken disappears if the mouth reaches up is deeply ingrained by now and the three dogs obey, wait patiently while my hand moves slowly towards each mouth in turn and the chicken is placed calmly on the salivating tongues. Chicken is inside dog. But six eyes still look hungrily at the jar.  Their attention has been conquered   The jar is brandished cruelly in front of the once again wagging tails.  My legs run and reach the door before the disillusionment sets in.  The door is slammed shut.  Three dogs still in the yard, the garage now dog-free.  My car can be released through the wide door that can now open safely into the street and I can go to the office; a place I should have been at fifteen minutes ago.

When their attention is grabbed by anything except my hoarse calls from the other side of the park.

When their attention is grabbed by anything except my hoarse calls from the other side of the park.

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