Looking Back

I started this year as a single 25-year-old, with a writing career which I myself had nipped in the bud due to destructive self-doubt. I had a job that I hated and was unhealthily overweight.

Aged 26 I am ending this year with the four-year-old relationship with my boyfriend back on track; two published short stories in the bag, giving me the confidence boost I needed. I became a blogger and am now practicing my writing every day and enjoying it immensely thus forgetting my office blues; I am 10 kg lighter – healthy weight achieved once again.

So, all in all, I think this was a good year, albeit war rages on in Syria; Egyptians are still fighting for their freedom; famine continues in Africa; and the economic crisis is still taking Europe by storm.

But me, here, on my little island, I look back and count my blessings, and try not to feel selfish while I do so.  But I figure that since the only way I can change the world is by helping and caring for the circle of people around me, there is really no point in putting myself down about the problems of the whole planet.  So, yes, I do count my blessings and I am thankful for each and every one.

Therefore today I ask you, dear reader, to look back and think of the great things that happened.  2012 is over and we made it through.  The heartaches, the triumphs, the little successes, and the big ones – if any – are now a memory as we step into the budding New Year.  Time will fly, life will rush by, and before we know it, and if God wills it, we will be sitting here again a year from now reminiscing about the year that has been and wondering about the year that will be.  But do make one resolution; live each day; care each day; and be a friend every day.  That is how we will survive 2013 triumphant.



Picture11-1Survive: to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand <they survived many hardships>

19 comments on “Looking Back

  1. jannatwrites says:

    I’m glad your year ended on a high note. It’s a good exercise to regularly count our blessings. Studies have shown that gratefulness correlates to optimism and happiness. Hope you have a happy 2013!

  2. Hurray for a successful year. I hope 2013 is as strong for you. Do us ia favor and add links to the places where the short stories were published up in your toolbar. I’m perfectly willing to buy a magazine or anthology to support an author I enjoy!! (Besides, all you have right now is ‘about’ – and ‘home’. ‘publications’ would make them look less lonesome up there.

    • Sandra says:

      I have been meaning to do that since I started this blog, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. When once I tried to add a page, it did not appear in the toolbar so I simply settled for a “Published” tag instead 😐 So if you can give me some pointers on how to do this I would really appreciate it. In the mean time you can see the published stories by clicking on the tag on the right. Thank you for your suggestions and I hope you have a happy New Year.

  3. cshowers says:

    Wise advice for 2013. Many blessings to you in this coming year…

  4. Terrific. Inspiring. Caring for the circle of people around us goes a long way to caring for the world at large.

  5. deanabo says:

    Terrific that your year ended well! Im wishing you a wonderful 2013!

  6. Linda Vernon says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic year and I hope this one will even be better! YaY! 😀

  7. Here’s to an awesome 2013!

  8. Draug419 says:

    My resolution this year solely is to survive, so I intend to follow your advice (:

    • Sandra says:

      Please don’t say that! At least add another resolution to your list on the lines of “I Draug, will continue writing the incredible stories I continuously post on my blog that keep leaving Sandra speechless after every read.”

      I love your stories!

  9. Lumdog says:

    I like the hopeful tone of this without sugar coating. Nice job. And happy new year!

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