Last night while I was sleeping a Dalek came to visit.  He was tall and his silhouette was the shape of a dark man standing one foot away from my bed.  He did not look like a Dalek at all, but I knew he was because he said, “EXTER-MI-NAAATE!” He said it several times in that monotonic and unrelenting voice his race usually adopt. I wasn’t afraid of him either.  In fact I was only confused.

“Why do you look like that?” I asked. “Change!” I then demanded.  And he did.  His body morphed into the metal armour I am more used to.  But still no fear came. Dalek_2010_Redesign

“Now you look like a pepper dispenser!” I told him and I found that very amusing so I started to laugh, long and hard.  The Dalek must have taken offence at that because he imploded and took my room with him.  I stopped laughing when my feet landed in a meadow, all green.



The field was grey, it had always been grey.


The earth was dark, thorns caught at my legs and it rained.


I was afraid then, and cold, and wet.


I ran, knowing that something was behind me out of sight because I did not dare look.


I woke up, breathless.  I opened my eyes and found my body in the bed, my back straight, sitting up.  This is not my room!



My heart was pounding.  My brain fought hard to focus.


It came from the right and I looked.  There was a dark lump on the bed next to me.  I was shaking.


Then my brain came through.  I remembered! It was my turn to guard grandma last night.  She was sleeping peacefully, loudly, her sinus acting up.  So I lay back in bed again…


…and the sigh of relief caught in my throat.

There was no way I was about to fall back to sleep while her snores continued, monotonic and unrelenting, one foot away from my bed. 

As to the meaning of my dream, dear WordPressians,  I can only come to one conclusion:

I am watching way too much Doctor Who!  

4 comments on ““EXTER-MI-NAAATE!”

  1. Ritu KT says:

    hehe. How can you call it a nightmare? I was smiling while reading it.

  2. I know exactly how you feel; I used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks appeared on Dr Who 🙂

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