At the Dingy Diner

dingy diner

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Fifty-four today and I is back to bussin’ tables. Is this better than what I was doin’ the past thirty years? Dun matter! Can’t go back anyhoo.  Ma ankles are bust, can’t walk on them heels no more.  Ma tummy’s saggin’ – can’t pull off them tube tops I liked. Damn teeth are yellowin’.  Past five years ‘ve been hard. Barely ever got picked up. Them truckers know what they’re lookin’ fo’.  Young skinny bitches is what! But this here waitressin’, ain’t all bad.  Old clients tip well, better than they did back in their trucks. So is this better? You tell me.

Seeing that I did not post anything yesterday (busy, busy, busy!) I thought I owed you an extra post today.  I fished this from an old Friday Fictioneers photo challenge. It is from 24th October 2012 to be exact.  I only discovered this website a week ago, and I am really liking it!

2 comments on “At the Dingy Diner

  1. tedstrutz says:

    I was wondering how I missed this… I see not, I didn’t. Glad you found FriFic. See you next Friday.

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