Walking on Egg Shells

Today the WordPress Daily Post asked: “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

I would say that it is never a good idea to discuss either subject with people you do know.  Especially with my grandmother.  Had Granny Eve lived five hundred years ago her career of choice – given the option was available to women back then – would have been Inquisitor, the Spanish variant that is.

To give you some background regarding my statement I will relay a scenario which played out last Sunday.

As we do, my extended family and I met at her house in the evening.  It is a thing we have been doing since as long as I can remember.  We meet, eat, chat and walk on egg shells.

At one point I innocently, and rather excitedly, informed all those present that the apartment I purchased over a year ago is now nearing completion.  It was a naïve comment on my part as I very soon realised.

Her first comment was, “You bought an apartment? You never told me about it!”

I was confused; there was no way that something as big as me buying my first home might have escaped my memory on the Sunday visit.  My aunts came to my rescue and they insisted that yes I did tell her.

Next comment; “Does that mean you are about to get married?”

I was speechless for a moment or two and then said. “No.”

She was quiet for a while and left me to go on and enthuse on which rooms I’m going to change, how big the bedroom is going to be, colour schemes and all that can be expected when one is discussing their first home.  But then I again innocently blurted out; “So now I’m staying in every weekend to save money ‘cos its all so expensive.”

Her: “Isn’t he helping out financially?” referring to my boyfriend.  This was a hot potato.

Me: “No, I bought the apartment myself as an investment.”

Her: “Aren’t you planning on ever getting married then?”

Me, cowering: “Not yet, no.”

Her: “Haven’t you decided yet: Do you want to get married or be a nun?”

Knowing Granny Eve she actually meant that.  To her there is only one career path for a woman: get married, have babies and raise them in the image of God.  Failing that, said woman must go on and be a nun.

Knowing all this, would I ever willingly pick an argument involving Religon with Granny Eve?

Abso-fucking-lutely not!


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