Excuse my French

A permanent frown was etched into the speaker’s face as her toneless monotone droned on.  Her nose affected a pinched tilt and her mouth drooped in the inevitable pout one acquires while speaking French.

The translator’s polite voice pierced through the three hundred pairs of headphones, his voice waning, getting tired.  Gulping noises came from time to time; sprinkled water on a parched tongue.

 Two hours in, a cockney accent broke through the six hundred ears, “Oh God! She started to brag about how well her company is doing again.  No recession in France I guess!”

Three hundred heads leaned back and hooted with laughter.

The speaker paused nonplussed for a second, and the room crossed fingers in unison and held a breath.  But no, she continued, her voice icy; vengeance was invited.

I might have come across a little stereotypical in this one.  Maybe.  I have nothing against the French of course, but what really irks me is the fact that they insist on speaking French even though they are surrounded by people who cannot understand a word they are saying! Even the Italians try for goodness sake! So anyway, when I saw the Three Word Wednesday prompt with the three words: Brag, Icy, and Polite, this is what came to mind.

2 comments on “Excuse my French

  1. Andy Sewina says:

    Yeah nicely! I always speak French when in France, however my French is so bad they always reply in English.

    My 3WW is HERE

    • Sandra says:

      HAHA 😀 I too managed in English in France, but then again I only spoke to shop keepers and people I was going to by tickets from; so I don’t think they really had a choice!

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