Fare Thee Well


Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas.

The tram came up the street; a lumbering mass of creaking metal.

The lovers kissed long and hard holding on tightly to each other, like ships to anchors in a hurricane.

“How shall I live without you by my side?” He whispered through her hair.

Her eyes watered and as if sensing the salty tears, the sky opened, sending down a torrential shower on the desperate couple, adding to their misery.

“Be strong and remember me.” His voice broke, revealing his own turmoil.

“Always,” she replied earnestly and he cupped her face and caressed it slowly, committing it to memory.

The hulking iron came squeaking to a halt and passengers stepped off. The thin sound of the tram’s shrill bell taunted the miserable lovers with its cheerful, urgent tune.

“Write to me—“

“Every day!”

The bell rang on, pressing, hurrying their last painful goodbyes.

“I love–”

“You’re in the shot!” another voice bellowed. “Get out of the shot! Cut!” Spittle flew.

Like a tap had been turned in heaven, the rain ceased abruptly.

“Again, seriously?” All her previous sentimentally evaporated into a cold, steely tone.

“I’m sorry! That idiot was in the shot.”

“Make up!” she cried.  And she had managed real tears this time!

“All right, ready?”

The tall, made up oaf in front of her gave her a lustful once-over and wet his lips in anticipation of the do-over.  His morning breath cut the air like a knife.  She gagged internally.


Think sad, think sad! Okay, I’m broke and have an office day-job.  Tears rushed to her eyes dutifully. She allowed herself one last smile and repositioned her features to the expected pose.

“And action!”

Today I accepted the Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge.  I haven’t done one of these in a while.  I hope it’s not too bad!

2 comments on “Fare Thee Well

  1. deanabo says:

    oh, I love this twist! Terrific.

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