My Julia

They stole my baby, Julia.  I found her though.  They called her Mary.  I took her back and loved her.  But somehow, she never looked at me as when she had been Julia.

This is for Trifecta. We had to write 33 words in the first person.  What do you think?

41 comments on “My Julia

  1. barbara says:

    how scarey and sad that would be.

  2. Paper_Wizard says:


    Powerful effort.

  3. Oooo. What a story and a punch in the gut! Nicely done.

  4. atrm61 says:

    How sad & terrible!Imagine being so delusional-poor Mary & her real parents!Wonder what really happened to Julia though..Great story:-)

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks a lot. From your comment I realised that the point of the whole story did actually come out; that the mother stole a baby that is not hers.

  5. Kir Piccini says:

    oh my, like every creepy and sad Law & Order SVU episodes (which tells you that I watch too much of them)

    but the way you told it, from the mom’s point of view, I wasn’t sure if they took it because they had too (Like Children’s services) or abduction and getting her back, was it lawful or not…all of which made for a GREAT, well written story !

    • Sandra says:

      In 33 words I couldn’t go into too much detail obviously. The back story I had in my head was that the mother was much too young when she had her baby and the authorities took her away for adoption. The mother went mad with grief.

  6. kymminbarcelona says:

    Terrible. Some things you can never get back.

  7. Scriptor Obscura says:

    This is great. Sort of reminded me of this movie…I couldn’t watch it! Too creepy and disturbing for me. Its really sickening what happened….

  8. chamblee54 says:

    Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave .were in a movie called Julia. This is the part they left out.

  9. How sad for the mother to experience this sort of pain..a child not knowing you..

  10. Draug419 says:

    Wow, so much of an emotional punch in that last line. Awesome job.

  11. wrightba says:

    Well done! Straight to the heart!

  12. Lumdog says:

    My God. How sad. Lovely piece.

  13. Cobbie's World says:

    Lots of depth to the story being told in these 33 words. Loved the last line! Hard to imagine what the child experienced to have it come back so changed. 😦

    • Sandra says:

      The child is not hers. The maddened mother stole a child who was unattended. I tried to make this as clear as the 33 word limit would let me, but alas not clear enough!

  14. deanabo says:

    How hard it must be for her!

  15. Donetta says:

    This is wonderful and sad at the same time. A lot to think about in 33 words!!

  16. Tina says:

    What intrigue in 33 words! Was the baby really hers? Was it all in her head? You could go in several different directions!

  17. MissM says:

    Sad and vivid.. great piece

  18. Christine says:

    Oh, what pain! It’s like the only indication (to her) that she’s done anything wrong is reflected in how the child looks at her.

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