The Venomous Beast

Daily Prompt: Perspective – Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective. 

The beast came at me freakishly fast.  Its gnarled teeth were exposed, its jaw unhinged, saliva drooping, it was ready to swallow me whole.  I threw potions at it that puffed ineffectively at its feet.  I threw knives, arrows; they bounced off like toothpicks.  I needed my axe. But I lost my axe fighting the Ice Troll at Drak Tharon Keep. Oh, what I would have given for that axe!

The beast was still coming.

“Throw your potions damn it, throw ‘em!” Simon’s voice was accented by rage not fear.

“They’re not working,” I screamed back as I attempted another flask.  It broke in a cloud of pink steam and the beast just kept coming.

“We can’t hold it. It’s too late.”

“No!” My voice was hoarse, “No!”

But it was too late, the beast devoured us whole.

“Shit man! Your axe would’ve saved us there.”

“I know Simon!” I was angry.  We had been at that round all afternoon and Simon’s knack for stating the obvious never helped.

I adjusted my headphones while making ready for a do-over.

“Hey,” said Simon. “You’re still on for tonight right? It’s at eight.”

“What’s tonight?” My anger was forgotten as my mind drew a blank.  It has a habit of doing that.

“Jen’s birthday dinner genius! It’s in an hour.”


“Do not tell me you haven’t even told your girl yet.”

“Be right back.”

I tore the head piece off my head and reached for the phone. One ring, second ring; my heart was in my throat.  I never know how she might react.


“Hey babe, it’s me?”

“Poops! What’s up?”

“Hey listen, I’m going to pick you up in an hour.  Do you think you’ll be ready?”

“In an hour?” Panic was clear in her voice, but so far, no anger. “What – why?”

“It’s Jen’s birthday dinner, remember? I told you last week?”

“Yeah but you never said what time!”

“Yeah well it’s in an hour.  Well technically I’ll pick you up in forty five minutes as we’ll have to be there in an hour.”

“Fuck’s sake Alex!” Cue the anger.  “I still have to wash my hair.  I don’t know what to wear—“

“Well chop-chop then!”

“’Chop, chop’?  You’re telling me to ‘chop, chop’!”

Okay, pure venom was dripping from her tone.  She sounded livid in fact. But somehow it did nothing to dampen my mood; the angrier she got the funnier she sounded.  The fact that this conversation was happening over the phone helped of course.

“You forgot to call earlier ‘cos you were playing Warcraft weren’t you?”

“Yeah so?”

So!” That last was a shriek, she made another attempt to speak, couldn’t and the line went dead.

Did she hang up on me?  She actually hung up on me.

Well-deserved? Yes. Would I risk her wrath again? Most definitely yes. She’s hilarious when enraged!

This took place last Friday between my boyfriend and I.  After I dramatically hung up on him I was livid for a full half hour.  I spat with rage throughout my shower.  But as his luck would have it, by the time he picked me up at 19.45 all my steam had blown away and I was my amiable usual self again.  Pity, ‘cos had he come 10 minutes earlier I would have blown his head off.

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