Picture This…


Thunder shatters the skies. A lonely mansion stands atop a hill.  Inside, a marble telephone rings, its cry hardly audible above the ravenous storm outside.


Silence ensues.


Heavy breathing sets in.


The breathing now assimilates bellows propelling a simmering fire.

‘Seriously?  You called me at—what—precisely midnight to just breathe into the receiver? Can you be any more of a cliché?’

The voice croaks, ‘The call is coming from inside—

‘That’s. It.’ An eardrum-shattering whistle cracks like thunder through the speaker.

The line goes dead shortly after and the rest of the night passes on peacefully.


Copyright: Danny Bowman


For Friday Fictioneers where the prompt this week is the picture on your left.

The inspiration for this story came from a mix of countless horror movies and a little snippet from real life.  I’ll not go into details unless you ask me to, but I just want to say that blowing a die-hard whistle into the speaker does indeed result into the annoying caller hanging up with a moan of pain and a bad-tempered harrumph.

21 comments on “Picture This…

  1. Now there’s a would-be victim not to be reckoned with. Good one.

  2. Catherine Louise Gurganus says:

    Cute, and sharp whistle well deserved.

  3. Thanks goodness a victim who refuses to be one!! Obviously NOT a baby-sitter or camper, the usual crazed killer fodder.

    I don’t think you want “assimilates” in ” assimilates bellows”. Maybe “simulates”?

    Just want you to know I want to be this person if I ever get such a call!


    • Sandra says:

      haha 😀 glad for the inspiration.

      It used to be ‘assimilates a bellows’, but I didn’t know if it fit. So I removed ‘a’ and then I was lost!

  4. Penny L Howe says:

    Speaking for myself, I don’t think I’d want to be inside that mansion, alone at night, during a storm (or any other time now that I think on it)! I enjoyed the way you carried the story through from the opening lines to the ending. Great flow! (love the whistle) Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf – not I!

  5. Jan Brown says:

    Does that technique also work on robo-callers?

  6. Joe Owens says:

    For me the picture you added set a perfect tone.

  7. We should all keep air horns by our bed for those annoying midnight stalkers. 🙂

  8. Very entertaining.
    AnElephant, of course, has no need of a whistle!

  9. Linda Vernon says:

    That outta got him! Ha ha! Frighteningly funny! 😀

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