Burning Embers

Today ten years ago, I started life.  And you were there.  We met on the sand, next to the bonfire that the others lit up; do you remember? Our eyes first met while yours were smiling and mine were rolling upwards in disdain – all those school notes and books burning for our entertainment; I couldn’t stand it, the folly of it all.  But you came over, round the bonfire, and told me not to worry.  We talked all night after that.  Every little detail that our minuscule span of experiences gave us subjects to talk about, we touched them all.  I knew everything there was to know about you by the time the last embers died out;  all except your name.  We forgot to exchange those; we were that enthralled.  Do you remember?

Ten years passed since then

And we are still together

You and I my friend


This strictly non-fiction piece is for Ligo Haibun Challenge where the challenge was to choose between:

‘Today Ten Years Ago’

Write a paragraph in prose and then a Haiku.

It is the first time I’ve participated and I can say that I enjoyed this.  So at the risk of sounding like a cliche, I’ll say: I’ll be back!

It is also the very first time I’ve published a haiku!! How did I do?

5 comments on “Burning Embers

  1. yarrpirate says:

    This is beautiful, and simple, two wonderful qualities of a haibun, but the flames are here, so clearly, and the emotion too, all the more as this is a true story. Tour haiku is stunning – straightforward, clear, with resonance, and you did it with 5/7/5 ! – though with haiku this is not a requirement, despite what is said.
    Wonderful piece.

  2. nightlake says:

    This was nicely done:) good work

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