My father always said that his piano was part of him. All day he played, humming out tunes, scratching on the scrap-book and playing out pieces he’d just made up.  He’d forget to eat and sleep until exhaustion caught up on him like a sneaky robber in the dark. He died there on that stool.  We found him with his head resting on the keys.

My theory is that the piano devoured my father’s soul, because how do you explain the fact that the piano is still playing to this day; the keys rising and falling, playing out my father’s compositions?


Copyright -John Nixon

For Friday Fictioneers.

26 comments on “Carnivor

  1. Hannah says:

    ‘My father always said that his piano was part of him.’
    It seems now he is part of the piano.

  2. Sandra says:

    Truly spooky. A great concept.

  3. The haunted piano. Nice take on the prompt. Thank you.

  4. Joe Owens says:

    A soul stealing piano! Very paranormal.

  5. Good job. A player piano that took in its own player. Stephen King, here we come.


  6. zookyworld says:

    A cool Twilight Zone feel to this one… the obsessive artist followed by the piano haunted with his spirit. Neat stuff!

  7. I like a bit of sinister. Cool!

  8. troy P. says:

    I liked this, and I loved the fact that everyone is apparently cool with keeping the ghostly keys, instead of getting rid of them!

  9. neenslewy says:

    Oh, spooky! Sums musicians up well though.

  10. I can understand this very much. A real well told tale.

  11. Beautiful. Could it be true? Should it? A great resting place for his soul.

  12. Dear Sandra,

    Eerie and, at the same time, poignant. The artist lived his life for his craft and died for it as well. Well done.



  13. Linda Vernon says:

    Well at least he was an artist who really got into his work! 😀 Well done! :

  14. Very well done. Melancholy, yet sweet.

  15. I can’t imagine the torment of his widow. I hope she went first.

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