Blacky, Scooter and Fido

‘Scooter, Blacky, smell that?’

‘Mmmhmm fresh, breathing meat coming this way.’cerberus-260x173

‘Fido! Stop wagging your tail.’

‘It’s your tail too!’

‘But you’re controlling it!’

‘I’m not!’

‘Guys! Look fierce, the human is here.’

For Trifextra where the challenge this weekend is to write about a famous trio. Well, me, myself and I have settled on Cerberus and his three hungry heads.  Have a nice weekend 🙂

12 comments on “Blacky, Scooter and Fido

  1. shreyapunj says:

    This was awesome!
    I had thought about it as well but I went for the emotional pull. Amazing! Loved it!

  2. atrm61 says:

    lol,very cute about Fido wagging his-I mean their tail!Enjoyed this. 🙂 Btw,Sandra,is there a typo in the last line-could it be that you intended to type “”Guys!Look fierce..” and not “fears” ?

  3. Lumdog says:

    Lol! You’ve aptly described the tail wagging phenomenon.

  4. Very cool .. a unique take, and a fun dialogue… poor Fido isn’t really up for the challenge.

  5. TMW Hickman says:

    Cerebrus, is nothing if not a friendly dog, if you remember to bring treats. Great job!

  6. Draug419 says:

    Yay new chew toy.

  7. That very dog was once going to be the mascot of Trifecta. Until we stumbled upon the more inviting triceratops we have featured ever since. 🙂 Great pick.

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