Ticket or No Ticket



The first time I left home, I managed to get to the front gate before Doreen ran out and grabbed my shoulder.  I had walked out in the middle of a talking to, so I wasn’t really expecting to go very far.

The second time I made it out onto the street.  She was sleeping that time and I was very, very quiet so I don’t know how she knew I was leaving.

But I didn’t plan it right, you see.  I should have done it when Daddy and Doreen were at work.

The third time…

I made it to the train station, only the man with the hat wouldn’t let me on the train. He said I needed a ticket.  I gave him the ticket I had made myself, but he said it was no good and asked me where my mummy was.   That made me very angry.

‘Well, where do you think I’m going?’ I said. I even placed my hands above my hips like the grownups do when they are being extra mean.  Well, Doreen does that.  Mummy never did. ‘I’m going to Mummy’s house right now!’

He shook his head very hard and made his face look cross.  Then he turned to say something on his radio.  But he didn’t hold my hand or anything so I just ran off.  Adults can be so stupid sometimes!

Now, if I keep walking along this line I will get to mummy’s house sooner than I can count to one hundred.

Who needs a ticket anyway!

Esther’s challenge this week was to extract a story from the above picture.

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