Salvation in Silver


Copyright – Kelly Sands

After days of ceaseless chanting, all the magi have accomplished is this oppressive canopy of rumbling clouds.

Below us, dark legions spread across the valley.

On our side, one hundred remain of the thousand that saw the first dawn of battle.

The chanting paused.

A child now stands among the quarreling magi.  Unbidden, he steps forward and lifts a hand over the abyss.

Then, through the clouds, a shimmer.

A silver dragon swoops low among black flags and the spreading tidal roar of terror.

They flee; disperse like an ant colony disturbed.

The dragon soars and disappears and, with it, the child.

Through a busy week, I managed to scribble these hundred words for your amusement.  I actually wrote this on a plane on my way to Brussels. I am in Brussels now; all my nails miraculously unbitten (I am terrified of flying vouscomprenez, but writing helped and I recommend it).

Since I will be visiting three countries in two days, I decided to economise my time. Fate has it that that apart from this very inspiring picture by Rochelle, Ms Newton’s challenge for the week is to write a 100 word story; can the stars shine any brighter?

If you want to read the rest of the wonderful creations, click here for Ms Newton’s challenge, and here for Friday Fictioneers.

14 comments on “Salvation in Silver

  1. Lovely. Let’s have more children like that. And dragons. Less Magi, please.

  2. Where do they go I wonder? Great story.

  3. Lovely little fantasy. Dragons and children make a great combo.

  4. camgal says:

    I love dragons and your story!

  5. Sandra, Lovely story with a great happy ending. The silver and black painted a beautiful work picture. Well written. I hope the rest of your trip goes well. 🙂 —Susan

  6. Sorry for the typo. In the 2nd sentence the word should be “word” not “work.” —Susan

  7. Blake says:

    “All the magi have accomplished is this oppressive canopy of rumbling clouds” – beautiful scene-setting.

  8. Great tke on the promt.

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