How to: Domestic Squabble

‘Did you do the dishes?’ — ‘Your bed is still unmade!’ — ‘Clean. Up. Your. ROOM!’

Always think before you speak. One…Two…Three…Ten.  Deep Breath. Great! Now go ahead and shout her head off its hinges!

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What Makes Me Come Alive

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I am a late riser. I sleep like a log all night and the alarm clock goes ignored each morning without fail.  I tried putting it on snooze.  I tried placing it away from the bed so that I have to untangle myself from my covers and thread across the cold tiles to make the banshee cry stop.  I tried setting more than one alarm and have them go off at different times.  All failed.  The only thing that gets me out of bed is the panicked shrill coming from the hallway, “It’s 7.30. Get up already!” and that would be my mother hassling that I’ll be late for work. Continue reading

What Batman Said to Sour-face

A young woman is slumped on an armchair.  Grey bags sprout under her eyes by the second.  In a hoarse voice she hollers sentences to the elder woman sitting next to her.  The older woman sits propped on a chair, her behind at the very edge of the seat, her head is cocked to one side, pushing her ears as close as they would go to the monitor standing on a low table before them, albeit the fact that the speaker is on a chair on the opposite side of the table. Continue reading

The Venomous Beast

Daily Prompt: Perspective – Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective. 

The beast came at me freakishly fast.  Its gnarled teeth were exposed, its jaw unhinged, saliva drooping, it was ready to swallow me whole.  I threw potions at it that puffed ineffectively at its feet.  I threw knives, arrows; they bounced off like toothpicks.  I needed my axe. But I lost my axe fighting the Ice Troll at Drak Tharon Keep. Oh, what I would have given for that axe!

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The Sweet, Alluring Smell of Paper

In this day and age, where everything is online, small and mobile, I still refuse to buy me a kindle.  I can see the convenience of it; reading using one hand, comfortable in bed, whole body under the covers, just one arm freezing on the outside — out of the sheltered warmth of the thick quilt — with no need to shift positions when a page needs tending to. But knowing all this, I still stick faithfully to the old paperback. Continue reading