Hate Mail

Dear Madam or Sir,

Or whoever you are who invented the mini-Santas; those mindless abominations that have invaded my country and attached Santa 3themselves to every balcony on the island, spreading like plague of shallow taste and mediocrity.

You corporate junky, sitting in your office somewhere, swimming in your profits, getting rich out of exploiting the commercialization of the once-beautiful and simple holiday; laughing at the gullible populace, buying the identical, stupid miniatures of an obese, pagan phenomenon entitled as a saint.  Couldn’t you have chosen flying angels? They are at least pretty. Continue reading

Broken Compass

I came up with today’s post while walking down Rue Bara Street in Brussels, Belgium.  I go there sometimes.   Or rather, I am made to go there sometimes.

I hate that city.

I don’t hate it because I only go there for work.   From seven in the evening to late eight the following day is all the time I spend there – enough to sleep, rush to a meeting and then rush to the airport again.  This time-span is too short to hate a city for what it is.  And what it is, is Grey.    Continue reading

Three Hunters and their Would-be Prey

It was dusk and I was in the garden surrounded by elongating shadows and dark patches where the weak moonlight did not yet reach.  I was busy, and enraptured in my chores as I was, I did not hear it approaching.  It snuck up on me, stealthily and silently as my back was turned. My hands full, I unassumingly turned and suddenly faced the intruder. Dark fur stuck out of it in dirty tufts, a long snake-like tail was coiled at its back.  Claws sharpened by previous kills were held in the air and a pair of red eyes fixed on me. Continue reading

Office Blues

As I write this I am sitting in the office, my office, which I share with two other lovely people, who today are both on leave and I am left here on my own to cope with the barrage of orders and paperwork the immensity of which baffles me in this virtual world.

I cope by whining and whinging.  It’s the fight or flight kicking in, only in an office environment you do not really fight-fight, and there is nowhere to fly to.  Continue reading

My Blog and I

If you talked with me less than a month ago and asked me whether I was ever planning to start up a blog, my answer would have been a poisonous look and a harsh “No!”

My birth date is in the latter quarter of the twentieth century, which places me with the young and modern generation.  My friends, to the last one, are Facebookaholics; my brother follows Twitter feeds like they were his diet plan; my boyfriend buys gadgets like a young boy gone wild in a toy store, smart phone, iPod, iPad – you name it, he wants it all.

I only found out that “smart phone” is the right umbrella-term for all the flashy new mobile phones and not “iPhone” late last September when my exasperated colleague sat me down and patiently explained how stupid I was sounding when I mixed up the two. Continue reading