Fear of

What do I fear?

The first thing that comes to mind is Flying. Planes. Falling.

But that’s not true, Flying is only the newest piece to my vast and well-tended collection of fears.

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Rubbish on the Bay


copyright -Janet Webb

We stood on the sand and watched them go. ‘We’; the sick, the old, the crippled and the slow, surrounded by the debris they left behind; discarded bags, empty trolleys.

Some were still arriving at the bay, dragging injured legs behind; their expression turning to unspeakable desperation when they realized they were too late. Continue reading


‘So, killing the Archduke…that was you?’


‘And the plague?’

‘Like sprinkling black pepper over Europe.’

‘But why?’

‘Imagine how boring life would be if nothing ever happens…I do it all for you.’


For Trifecta.  The challenge for this weekend was to get inspired by The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil which just so happens to be one of my favourite songs.


Three Very Serious Sheep

‘Jack-ass!’ Angie spat before the last of the shattered head-lamps crumbled onto the ground.

She jumped out of the car frothing at the mouth.

‘You bitch!’ was how she was greeted by the other driver whose face was a similar shade of puce as Angie’s was.

The red Porsche she had hit was complete with waxed metal, platinum rims and two tail lights sprinkled on the ground like fine fairy dust.

It wasn’t her fault though.  There she was minding her own business, when a five-seater Mitsubishi passed by with three sheep packed at the back of it going ‘Beh!’ Continue reading

Blacky, Scooter and Fido

‘Scooter, Blacky, smell that?’

‘Mmmhmm fresh, breathing meat coming this way.’cerberus-260x173

‘Fido! Stop wagging your tail.’

‘It’s your tail too!’

‘But you’re controlling it!’

‘I’m not!’

‘Guys! Look fierce, the human is here.’

For Trifextra where the challenge this weekend is to write about a famous trio. Well, me, myself and I have settled on Cerberus and his three hungry heads.  Have a nice weekend 🙂

Choices, Choices

three doors

Copyright – Rich Voza


‘I say blue is Eternal Life, red is Eternal Damnation and white is The Void…’

‘No, I think red is the Eternal Life one.  You know how it is in the movies; always pick the red wire cos the blue one is a trick.’

‘That’s for bombs, idiot.’

‘Yeah, but who’s to say this ain’t the same thing?’

‘Come on…let’s just pick one and go through!’

‘Really? You’re just gonna pick one? What if you just pick Eternal Damnation?’

‘Damn! This is hard!’

‘Let’s think about it and come back some other time.  Eternal life can wait another day or two.’


For Friday Fictioneers. Phew! Just in time! Have a nice weekend.