Published Works

This Page has been long in the making and there is one very basic reason for that; I needed to be Published first!

Now, I wish to tell you that I have a whole stack of books with my name on them in some library somewhere, but alas, no.  I do have a few short stories which have gone on to be Published though and so I shall put my little pieces here for you to criticise and enjoy to your heart’s content.


anthology1coversmall_200x320My first short story to ever appear in print (paperback and ebook versions) is Lime Light.  It has featured in the ’Darker Times Anthology Volume One’ under the name A.C. Bell, which I use when writing Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.


Rotten, a flash fiction piece, has placed as Runner Up in the Darker Times Fiction monthly competition and will soon form part of ‘Darker Times Collection Volume One’ along with other great flash fiction horror pieces and poetry which will be released, hopefully, halfway through 2013.


Darker Times Volume 2The latest is The Mayan Countdown which has also placed as Runner Up in the December 2012  edition of the Darker Times Fiction monthly competition.  This story, along with other chilling tales is now available in the second Darker Times Anthology in  paperback and as an ebook.

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