Rubbish on the Bay


copyright -Janet Webb

We stood on the sand and watched them go. ‘We’; the sick, the old, the crippled and the slow, surrounded by the debris they left behind; discarded bags, empty trolleys.

Some were still arriving at the bay, dragging injured legs behind; their expression turning to unspeakable desperation when they realized they were too late. Continue reading

Invasion, NY


Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Invasion, NY

We watched them stomp across the water into the harbour; marching in a disciplined straight line, their giraffe-like necks moving backwards and forwards with each stride.

We were the last to leave; squeezed into the only remaining boat that was much too small.

The invaders made it inland and the screams became a howl; a frenzied cry of terror that carried over the water, past the broken statue.

Then another sound.

The motor on our boat coughed and died.  Our eyes mirrored terror, then resignation as we waited while the current carried us back towards the screams.

For Friday Fictioneers.  Hope you liked it 🙂

The Correspondent


Photo credit: Bérenger ZYLA / / CC BY-NC-ND

“…Yes, Frank.  As you can see behind me, the infection is spreading.  Armed Forces are striving to get all citizens out in time.  But it’s a lost battle, Frank.  Zombies are everywh—AAAAAHH!“

A perfect Trifceta 33; it gave me an excuse for a Zombie story, Bwahhahhaaahhaa!! 😀

Hope you like it.

Somewhere in a Bunker


Copyright – Lora Mitchell



“Look what I found!”

Dimitri shuffled the clutter and rolled his chair closer to Sasha.  He peered at the monitor.   A long silence followed.

“What do you think it is?”

Dimitri cleared his throat.  “Well, that’s definitely the sky.  We’ve seen countless footage of it.”

“Yes but what’s the other thing in the middle?”

“I…well… Does the recording have a date?”

Sasha pressed a series of buttons and the converter spat out a black, rectangular, plastic object.

“Oh! It’s over a century old.  Dated 2003.”

“Scan the image, see what we get and file it with the artefacts.”

For this week’s Friday Fictioneers I went post-apocalyptic.  I hope you like it.


Is This the End?

Frank spent the whole week prepping. Although that was an understatement, he had been preparing himself for this day since that film Armageddon came out. 

He had started by covering the backyard by a seven-foot high hedge. Pouring FastGro over it to make sure its foliage properly hid the whole of his backyard. If Richard from next door ever got a whiff of what Frank was up to, it would have defeated the whole purpose. He then dug a deep hole in the earth. It took him three whole years to complete; the self-created design was much too intricate.  Continue reading