Keep Smiling

Jingle bells and cockle shells, how do you make bloggers giggle?

You tickle their sides, you jiggle your buns and hope for a chuckle at best!

Trifextra: Week Forty-Six: write 33 words that will make us laugh or smile.   Hardest challenge EVER!



It had been two weeks, two days and three hours since she had last heard his voice and his words still reverberated against her eardrums, spun through her head and shook her inside her core.

She spent the day alone like the preceding sixteen, surfing the net and flipping through channels.  Christmas was everywhere and Elvis’ one song that mattered was playing on loop, but it was not making her feel any better at all.  But neither had the Oreos, the crisps or the cigarettes.

The phone rang. Continue reading

Hate Mail

Dear Madam or Sir,

Or whoever you are who invented the mini-Santas; those mindless abominations that have invaded my country and attached Santa 3themselves to every balcony on the island, spreading like plague of shallow taste and mediocrity.

You corporate junky, sitting in your office somewhere, swimming in your profits, getting rich out of exploiting the commercialization of the once-beautiful and simple holiday; laughing at the gullible populace, buying the identical, stupid miniatures of an obese, pagan phenomenon entitled as a saint.  Couldn’t you have chosen flying angels? They are at least pretty. Continue reading

Christmas is Here

So far I have flatly refused to write anything about Christmas, despite the fact that Christmas lights have been sprouting about my home town since the first week of November.  November isn’t Christmas month, it is birthday month, my own that is and so Christmas has no business butting in on my month.

Today though, this here the first day of December, Christmas month has officially been launched and to mark the event I am here posting the ten things I am most looking forward to over the coming thirty days while Frank Sinatra is putting me in the mood with his collection of Christmas carols. Continue reading