Her scent was everywhere and, standing in the exact centre of her room, Jasper was in the middle of it; inhaling it, savouring it, willing to drown in it.  He sunk on her bed and turned among the sheets, smiling at the crisp, crunchy sound the cotton made as he eased his arms and legs about the bed, cooling his skin against the cold, smooth surface. Continue reading

Bygone Heroics

‘…and tonight the witch shall be punished for her sins, her soul purified.  She shall taste the wrath of the Almighty…’ the priest was shouting at the highest chord his voice could muster.  With each invocation of the Lord’s name, his eyes dilated and his hands trembled; lost in self-righteous ecstasy. Continue reading


I watched him as his hardened eyes focused on the screen; men in camo covered in dust, a mike shoved under their unwilling mouths, replying to questions in a rehearsed monotone.  Colour abandoned his face, shriveled out of him like water from a sponge forgotten in the sun.  A hundred condolences rushed to my tongue, none adequate.  I stepped forward instead, and placed my hand on his shoulder. But his eyes, now red, never left the TV, his mind wondering only of the son he’d lost; the one standing next to him a mere presence trespassing on his grief.

This is in response to Trifecta’s challenge:

Color: complexion tint:

  a : the tint characteristic of good health

  b : blush

I changed it to the British version, but the word is still there, up for your critique.  Thanks for reading.


The lights in the hall switch off. Darkness consumes the space.  She runs with arms outstretched. Her fingers encounter wood.  She fumbles for the lock.  Finds it and  opens the door in a panic. She jumps onto the threshold.

Exhale.  The street lamps bring momentary relief.  But the street is deserted.  She is alone.     Continue reading

One Less than a Perfect Square

“GET UP!” the man that was her husband bellowed.

But Joshua did not seem to hear fixated as he was on the Rubik cube, three sides by three.  The white side was facing up.  A complete cross had already taken shape.  His fingers worked frantically fast, his eyes closed, his mind completely absorbed.

“Get up!” his father shouted again and with each hollered cruelty, with each shouted instruction, Rose’s heart shivered. Continue reading