The Venomous Beast

Daily Prompt: Perspective – Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective. 

The beast came at me freakishly fast.  Its gnarled teeth were exposed, its jaw unhinged, saliva drooping, it was ready to swallow me whole.  I threw potions at it that puffed ineffectively at its feet.  I threw knives, arrows; they bounced off like toothpicks.  I needed my axe. But I lost my axe fighting the Ice Troll at Drak Tharon Keep. Oh, what I would have given for that axe!

The beast was still coming. Continue reading

Death by Paper

My first thought this morning was, ‘How the hell am I gonna make that deadline?’

I still had to print a gazillion pages, amend a million little bits before printing and remember to file everything in the right order before sending off the package at noon.

I made lists on my way to work.  I sighed sighs that should not have been half as deep at 08.00. Continue reading

The Sweet, Alluring Smell of Paper

In this day and age, where everything is online, small and mobile, I still refuse to buy me a kindle.  I can see the convenience of it; reading using one hand, comfortable in bed, whole body under the covers, just one arm freezing on the outside — out of the sheltered warmth of the thick quilt — with no need to shift positions when a page needs tending to. But knowing all this, I still stick faithfully to the old paperback. Continue reading

Bow and Arrow

WordPress Daily Post: If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Hands down I would pick Archery.  There is something inherently cool in a bow and arrow that no other weapon can achieve.  Do I prefer this method of assault because I am a Sagittarius?  I don’t know; I never really followed Astrology.

I do follow Walking Dead though and seeing that menacing redneck pointing his crossbow and shooting bull’s-eye every time his fingers release the trigger just steers something in me that shouldn’t be elaborated upon in a blog that proclaims itself to be PG. Continue reading

Walking on Egg Shells

Today the WordPress Daily Post asked: “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

I would say that it is never a good idea to discuss either subject with people you do know.  Especially with my grandmother.  Had Granny Eve lived five hundred years ago her career of choice – given the option was available to women back then – would have been Inquisitor, the Spanish variant that is. Continue reading


Last night while I was sleeping a Dalek came to visit.  He was tall and his silhouette was the shape of a dark man standing one foot away from my bed.  He did not look like a Dalek at all, but I knew he was because he said, “EXTER-MI-NAAATE!” He said it several times in that monotonic and unrelenting voice his race usually adopt. I wasn’t afraid of him either.  In fact I was only confused. Continue reading

Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective

This post has been inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge. This week’s challenge is to shift perspectives in your narrative and use a POV you don’t usually use.  Well, I cheated! I used the first person again.  BUT, it is the first person, in three perspectives on the same scenario *wink*.  Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

My Blog and I

If you talked with me less than a month ago and asked me whether I was ever planning to start up a blog, my answer would have been a poisonous look and a harsh “No!”

My birth date is in the latter quarter of the twentieth century, which places me with the young and modern generation.  My friends, to the last one, are Facebookaholics; my brother follows Twitter feeds like they were his diet plan; my boyfriend buys gadgets like a young boy gone wild in a toy store, smart phone, iPod, iPad – you name it, he wants it all.

I only found out that “smart phone” is the right umbrella-term for all the flashy new mobile phones and not “iPhone” late last September when my exasperated colleague sat me down and patiently explained how stupid I was sounding when I mixed up the two. Continue reading