A Biography of Sorts

It was as they say; a light at the end of a long tunnel, dark and lonely.  I walked towards the light.  I say ‘walked’ but, in truth, I can’t remember walking, or feeling my legs for that matter.  Let’s say ‘moved’.  I moved towards the light.  Not because I was drawn to it, particularly, like a moth towards a candle, I went to it because, in the blackness that surrounded me, there was simply nowhere else to go. Continue reading

Bow and Arrow

WordPress Daily Post: If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Hands down I would pick Archery.  There is something inherently cool in a bow and arrow that no other weapon can achieve.  Do I prefer this method of assault because I am a Sagittarius?  I don’t know; I never really followed Astrology.

I do follow Walking Dead though and seeing that menacing redneck pointing his crossbow and shooting bull’s-eye every time his fingers release the trigger just steers something in me that shouldn’t be elaborated upon in a blog that proclaims itself to be PG. Continue reading

I Need a Hero!

The scent of hot crusty bread danced on the breeze, wafting up, teasing his dark flowing mantle.

Eyes narrowed in thought, Must get to the core of this.

Reverie interrupted.  A cry; “Zorro!”

This weekend, the Trifextra challenge asked us to take the geographical core, mantle and crust which Earth is basically made of and use it in any way we want to, as long as it is 33 words.

*snigger-snigger* I couldn’t resist!


Last night while I was sleeping a Dalek came to visit.  He was tall and his silhouette was the shape of a dark man standing one foot away from my bed.  He did not look like a Dalek at all, but I knew he was because he said, “EXTER-MI-NAAATE!” He said it several times in that monotonic and unrelenting voice his race usually adopt. I wasn’t afraid of him either.  In fact I was only confused. Continue reading