The Mayan Countdown, 21/12/12: Scenario One

“Whoa! Peter Jackson really did it this time,” said Mario amid flushed cheeks.

“I can’t get the dwarf song out of my head,” muttered Pierre more to himself than to his friends, as was his way.

“Richard Armitage is so hot! I feel dizzy though,” put in Francesca while feeling her forehead.

“I told you, forty-eight frames per second is going to be awesome,” replied Mario talking hurriedly.

“I said I’m dizzy, how is that awesome!” Continue reading

What the Heart Wants

For years I admired him from afar.  His straight, broad back and smiling eyes looking everywhere except towards me.  Fear stopped me from talking to him directly until one rainy day in November. He came to me asking for directions and I smiled widely thinking that my day had come.  I steeled myself and instead of the customary gibberish of right and left, I took him there myself and we both snuggled under his one umbrella.  He was grateful and he chatted along the way.  The next morning he waved at me and I greeted him back.  We met often after that and the simple chat turned to coffee, then to lunch, then to dinner. Continue reading