Servant, Companion, Friend

Master lay in bed, wheezing, choking, looking up at the water mark on the ceiling.  He was alone except for his servant sitting straight by the bed, his eyes fixed on the man, his irises filled with love. Continue reading


Three Hunters and their Would-be Prey

It was dusk and I was in the garden surrounded by elongating shadows and dark patches where the weak moonlight did not yet reach.  I was busy, and enraptured in my chores as I was, I did not hear it approaching.  It snuck up on me, stealthily and silently as my back was turned. My hands full, I unassumingly turned and suddenly faced the intruder. Dark fur stuck out of it in dirty tufts, a long snake-like tail was coiled at its back.  Claws sharpened by previous kills were held in the air and a pair of red eyes fixed on me. Continue reading