Is This the End?

Frank spent the whole week prepping. Although that was an understatement, he had been preparing himself for this day since that film Armageddon came out. 

He had started by covering the backyard by a seven-foot high hedge. Pouring FastGro over it to make sure its foliage properly hid the whole of his backyard. If Richard from next door ever got a whiff of what Frank was up to, it would have defeated the whole purpose. He then dug a deep hole in the earth. It took him three whole years to complete; the self-created design was much too intricate.  Continue reading


Two days ago while sitting bored at my laptop considering options how to pass my time, a loud, eardrum-shattering scream escaped my throat when I checked my e-mail and was notified that I have been published.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, published!

After two years of competing in writing competitions and sending my stories to potential publishers, I finally received back the one word I had been craving – “Yes!”

Lime Light, a story I sent to the Darker Times Fiction competition under the name A.C. Bell, which I use for Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi themed fiction, has been given an Honourable Mention and is subsequently posted on the Darker Times Fiction website.

You can read Lime Light by clicking on the name.  I hope you like it.

While there, check out the other stories, there are some really good ones.