One Less than a Perfect Square

“GET UP!” the man that was her husband bellowed.

But Joshua did not seem to hear fixated as he was on the Rubik cube, three sides by three.  The white side was facing up.  A complete cross had already taken shape.  His fingers worked frantically fast, his eyes closed, his mind completely absorbed.

“Get up!” his father shouted again and with each hollered cruelty, with each shouted instruction, Rose’s heart shivered. Continue reading


My Blog and I

If you talked with me less than a month ago and asked me whether I was ever planning to start up a blog, my answer would have been a poisonous look and a harsh “No!”

My birth date is in the latter quarter of the twentieth century, which places me with the young and modern generation.  My friends, to the last one, are Facebookaholics; my brother follows Twitter feeds like they were his diet plan; my boyfriend buys gadgets like a young boy gone wild in a toy store, smart phone, iPod, iPad – you name it, he wants it all.

I only found out that “smart phone” is the right umbrella-term for all the flashy new mobile phones and not “iPhone” late last September when my exasperated colleague sat me down and patiently explained how stupid I was sounding when I mixed up the two. Continue reading