The Troll Invasions


Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

We used to sit around the table, all five of us, every Sunday at lunch.  Until the trolls invaded and all my boys left; called up and conscripted.

I harvested the land with the women, and waited at the gate every sundown.  Those who returned were unrecognizable.  A guilty thought chafed at me; if this is what they came back as, did I want my boys to return?

But the choice was never mine.

Three of us sit at the table now in haunted silence, staring into the fires of the two lit lamps; a tribute to our dead.

For this episode of Friday Fictioneers, I went with fantasy.  I hope you like it.


37 comments on “The Troll Invasions

  1. Tom Poet says:

    This story seems far more real than trolls ever will….Well done.


  2. A nicely written story.

  3. deanabo says:

    Wow! This is really good!

  4. This is fantastic. The threat of trolls, the fear of what happens to those who return, and the grief over those who do not were all so elegantly real. Also, I love that you chose trolls. They are a rather underrepresented monster these days, and you pulled it off beautifully. I really, really like this story.

  5. Poignant and well done Sandra.

  6. Sandra says:

    Nicely done. That’s an interesting though – ‘if this is what they come back as do I want….’ I need to think about that.

  7. Very good.. Apocalyptic fantasy is a great genre

  8. jwdwrites says:

    Where are Bilbo and Gandalf when you need them? Good story! 🙂

  9. kz says:

    i’m so not familiar with trolls but you just made them seem so real and scary.. i love the number of emotions here in this story. wonderfully done 🙂

  10. Frighteningly well done fantasy.

  11. Parul says:

    Very grim tale..
    “but the choice was never mine” captures the helplessness perfectly. Nice work

  12. elappleby says:

    A sad tale, Sandra. I liked the line about not really wanting them back if they were too changed and damaged. Very interesting.

  13. Joe Owens says:

    I guess the lessons of Billy Goat Gruff were not part of the training for those who went to the Troll War!

  14. Wonderful story; we don’t have enough fantasy here. 🙂 This may be fantasy, but it’s probably something military of any age have to deal with. Whether it is better to wish their loved ones alive as a quadruple amputee or alive only the bright flame of memory.

    • Sandra says:

      Yes you’re right this only gives the smallest hint of fantasy; as much as would fit in 100 words I guess. The ‘quadruple amputee’ vs the ‘bright flame of memory’ in your comment made my story more real! Thanks for that 🙂

  15. zookyworld says:

    A creative take on this week’s photo prompt… and I liked that you chose the point of view from the people staying home, away from the fighting, and having to deal with the wait.

  16. Powerful tale, well told.
    Loved it.

  17. Um, no. As a mother I did not like this. 😦

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